Image Optimization

If you can’t figure out which format is right for you, let us handle it.  We’ll do all the work and make sure you have a great looking website, fully optimized and ready to impress your customers.

image optimization

Image Optimization

Getting the right image for your website and properly formatting to look good on the page can be a hassle. Failing to optimize your image can cause your page to load slowly, and improperly formatting it will result in your audience never seeing it, or only seeing part of it. We can resize your photos, remove image backgrounds with our clipping path service, straighten your image, flip them, invert them, mirror them, crop them, and save them in the web-optimized format or your choosing.

JPG images can reduce file sizes while preserving high image quality.  JPG images are best used with a plain, fixed background of solid color.  PNG images can be used with transparent backgrounds, and while the format uses less compression than the JPG format, making the file size larger, it is essential if you want a complex background with multiple transparent layers.

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