Mirror Effect

Reflection Shadow

Photoshop’s mirror effect can be a powerful tool to add realism to your image, or to alter the texture and depth of an aspect of your photo.  A well-done reflection can make a surface appear wet or it can make your clipped object appear to rest on a solid surface.  Together with drop shadows, reflections are an excellent way to add realism to images removed by our clipping path service.  Clipping paths are a powerful tool, but they work best in conjunction with our other services to deliver the highest value.  Be sure to take advantage of reflection and shadow creating for powerful images to captivate your audience or mesmerize your customers.

mirror effect

Jewelry images

When you apply mirror effect on your jewelry photograph, it will give you extra glossy surface. Product photos are very important for any business.When we edit a photo, it increases sales potential by 90%. Mirror Effect Service is so popular that most of our online business accepts it.