Image Masking

First of all, image masking is a sensitive part of Adobe Photoshop technic.

It is even more important sometimes. Therefore the clipping path procedure often fails to operate image editing work. Rather than that, image masking is used as an alternative way to work properly. This technique produces an even more outstanding image.

Sometimes we get images containing the blurred edge. Likewise, those images include complicated object (curly human hair). It seems like quite tough to remove the background from that image. Hence, image masking works properly in order to extract the background easily.

Types Of Image Masking

There are mainly three types of masking in Photoshop

1. Layer Masking
2. Clipping Mask
3. Alpha Channel Masking

Necessity of Image Masking

Image masking is a vital procedure above all. This procedure is almost convenient to use. Besides that, image masking is known as non- destructive method in image editing sector.You can also adjust any mask on the photo. This is certainly an obvious technique to operate creative image editing.

Layer Masking

First of all, people use the layer mask for Photoshop masking. You can also hide or open some part of an image by it. Besides that, you also can apply layer masking to alter images blur part. If you slightly alter the blur part of a layer, the whole image will be changed.
A layer mask can change the view of a layer. This another advantage. Furthermore, you can visualize any part completely or partly. The part of an image will be totally clear if we colorize black on the mask. Grayscale color paint partly clears an image. Soft brush smoothly transforms the edge. So, finally, you should select the soft brush.

Clipping Mask

It is most noteworthy that, clipping mask resolve the clearness of another layer. Clipping mask use only one layer due to this reason. Therefore we put a layer at the bottom to operate clipping mask process. This bottom layer also helps to manage the view of the layer. People certainly should not make a comparison between clipping mask and layer mask activities. Their behavior or characteristics certainly are not same.
Generally, we use black color on the layer mask. We, therefore, do this to make the layer pixels invisible. But in contrast, clipping masks characteristics are almost opposite to this system.
The top layer would visible due to some pixels in its area. Finally, you will get the bottom layer contains no pixels. As a result, the top layer pixels will be clear certainly.

Alpha Channel Masking

Most importantly, every image has an individual contribution in background removal system. Due to the reason, several procedures should be imposed. Almost every photo requires individual access. Alpha channel masking probably is not an easy way for masking.
Hair and furry area masking are even more difficult. So, this process requires a long time. Alpha channel masking process seems like much convenient if the object contains enough contrast.
We rather apply the channel palate in alpha channel masking method. We do because of observing the channels contrast level. Therefore we also create an alternative transcript for applying the contrast level on the blue channel. This process increases even more sufficient contrast.
We paint black color over the new blue channels interior part. It makes the blue channel fully black. Furthermore, to create a fresh layer, we copy the channel and paste on layer tab.

alfa masking

Besides that, you certainly can apply the dodge and burn tool due to create the edge part more contrasting. Similarly, you can use “Color Decontaminate” from Layer>Matting>Color Decontaminate menu bar.
You must make a layer copy consequently before using color decontaminates process. Because it is not almost a safe process at all.

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Why you should use image masking .

Non-destructive method

Image masking is known as a non-destructive method above all. We can certainly change it according to our necessity anytime. While erasing the unwanted areas of an image, those can’t be back later for furthermore editing. Rather than that, masking process enables us to get back the removed area. So, do you still have any question about the importance of masking?

Hide and Show

It seems like hiding and showing picture portion is a common use of masking. We certainly can create transition effect while applying soft brush tool for masking. Besides that, we easily can control the clearness of an image. Therefore brush tool can make a very bright sky area dimmer. These procedure and tools are of great use definitely.

Changing Of Photo Area

One may think to change the area of an imageless or more. As an example, you want to alter the color of the top garment of a ramp model. For the reason, you should certainly make a mask. While making the mask, you should certainly make that part visible. Then apply modifications furthermore likewise exposure correction, brightness/contrast adjustment, and color adjustment/correction.


 Background Removal of Clear  Objects

Masking techniques most importantly extract the background of clear objects. Besides that, it also removes the glass type objects background. Either we can replace the background of muslin type cloth which contains a bit clearness.

Convenience Of Clipping Mask

Clipping mask has the even more comparable convenience to the layer mask. One is to make a visible area by moving the clipped photo. Clipping mask can fine-tune visible area certainly. If not, an ordinary layer mask is enough due to generate the masking tasks.


Collage Image Creation

Masking process produces wonderful collage images. It is most noteworthy fact. We can also produce amazing effects while applying masking on several photos. Hence, soft brushes can make the transition easy.

Photoshop methods have unlimited possibilities to express your thinking.At first, You have to select the comfortable and flexible method. Secondly, you have to choose that one which saves time and produces the best outcome. Therefore, the selection completely depends on you. But there is no doubt that, masking is obviously a necessary and creative tool. So, get the photomasking process.