Image manipulation

Our image manipulation techniques can work magic on your photographs.  Remove aspects of an image through our clipping path service or with photomasks, add content to make composite shots, add color to black and white images, cut out unwanted individuals (or add back in individuals who should have been there), change lighting features, crop, blow-up, or reduce your images—we can do it all.  We can even add the ghost mannequin effect to your apparel photography—removing the mannequin’s neck joint to highlight the style, fit, and texture of your clothing.


Photo manipulation has been used as long as photography has been around.  Add this important tool to your toolkit.  Photo editing is an essential process for sales, advertising, journalism, and many other professions.  Don’t underestimate its power to captivate your audience and draw in customers by producing dynamic, eye-popping images.


Our Image Manipulation Process

We take your digitized photographs and use Photoshop and other image editing software to apply your desired effects.  Our highly trained photo editors will make your imagination into reality, communicating with you throughout the process to make sure you receive your desired outcome.  They will help you understand the capabilities of our software and use their knowledge and expertise to formulate a plan to tackle your image editing projects in a professional and speedy manner.


As always, our quality control is impeccable, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.