Drop Shadow

Creating shadows adds depth to your images, making them more dynamic and realistic.  Light is a key variable in photography.  The right lighting can make an image, while the wrong lighting can ruin it.  Sometimes, in the real world, these variables can’t be controlled.  A passing cloud, unsuitable indoor lighting, or something as simple as dirt on the camera lens, can all distort the shading in your image.  Luckily, we can fix these things after the fact through the magic of image manipulation and shadow creating.


We can add shading effects and realistic, natural shadows to any image.  We can also manipulate reflections, lens flare, sharpness, and balance.  We can alter colors as well, for example, changing eye color, skin tone, or the pallet of your wardrobe.


Shadows can make your images, extracted with our clipping paths, fit more naturally into their new backgrounds.  Make the most of our clipping path service and let us fine-tune your image with silky smooth shading effects.  We’ll blend your image seamlessly into any background using Photoshop’s smudge tool.  We can also add depth to wrinkles and hair to either highlight them or make them less obvious.

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