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An ABC Of Clipping Path

Clipping path is a combined vector path or form. It is needed to cut out an image in image editing application or software. In the clipping path process, everything inside the path will be included. Once the process is applied, the background of an image will be removed. Most importantly, it is the artwork of a mastermind and efficient image editor. You can generate clipping path for hiding undesired parts of an image.

Do you want to modify the clipping path without affecting the graphics frame? So simple, maintain the clipping path and graphics frame separate. Just use the selection tool and other tools from the toolbox.

The interior of the path is identified by its direction. What is considered inside or outside? This depends on the direction of the paths overturn. A distinct path of contrary command the holds outside visualization of the path. Therefore, the clockwise non-self-intersecting path is calculated as an inclusive path.

The connection of exclusive and inclusive path causes an assembled path. Therefore, an inclusive path contains a smaller exclusive path.Clipping path selects objects. Those objects require not to be rendered as they are covered by display elements.

Who needs this service?

photographer, eCommerce business owner, online retailers, printing media, photo editor, graphic designer.

clipping path

Why Do You Need Clipping Path?

Clipping path service is certainly a professional task. This service is delivered by companies to remove objects. It also includes several image editing & image manipulating tasks. You need the clipping path services for many purposes like:

1.To remove the background from an object.

2. To edit or change an image.

3. Multi-clipping path to select distinct areas in an image;

4. For color correction necessity.

5. For image masking without extracting the background.


Multiple clipping paths can create a compound path. Compound paths are used to create complex, dynamic and eye-catching designs from your original images. As an example, combined clippings from two images can generate a single logo. You can cut out multiple objects from the same image. Beside this, you also can clip out objects from separate images. Therefore, you would be able to combine them all into the same design.

When it is the question about quality and skill, we would like to assure you that, our professionals create the clipping path by hand. Once the clipping path is created, the quality control team check and ensure the perfectness. Finally, we would suggest you add this powerful tool to your toolkit and boost your graphics work to the highest level..

Our Process!

Our professionals create clipping paths by hand and  use photoshop pen tool. We apply the path on your image and remove everything outside. After this, you would be able to use any background you like. We’ll deliver the images to you in PSD or TIFF format, with a separate transparent background if you require.

Our Guarantee

At GTL Graphics company, we employ only industry-certified and fully trained professionals. They are much specialized in image editing with Adobe Photoshop.  All they have many years of experience in clipping paths and clipping masks sector. We also provide intensive in-house training that enables our experts to reach the top in their career. It is noteworthy that, our company checks out their task in three stages for ensuring the best quality. First of all, our professionals check the image themselves. In the next stage, the team leader rechecks and finally our quality control specialist checks out the task and allow that task as the final output. This procedure brings out a qualified outcome each time which enables us to offer you full money-back guarantee…

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