Photoshop Image Masking is used merely if the clipping path service isn’t helpful enough to cut away the subject completely.

To clip out the blurry object from the image background, image masking process is one of the best ways.
Clipping path task of a house, ball, car, man, jewelry, and furniture is easy. This process is time-consuming on the complicated subject like Christmas tree with its extensive leaves.
Sometimes photoshop pen tool is unable to cut out fuzzy-edged, blurry subject like human hair and other hairy objects from its background accurately, here in this fact photoshop image masking service is necessary. This procedure is an alternative method of clipping path.

Range of Photoshop Clipping Mask Service

Clipping path service providers use different types of masking service like:
Photoshop image channel mask
Knock out masking
Photoshop image alpha layer masking
Photoshop erase masking

Advantage of Image Masking

Suppose, your subject is a boy. The boy has extensive curly hair on the head. Now, if you want to remove its background, you should not apply clipping path process. You should apply image masking procedure.

GTL Graphics provides photoshop image layer masking, photoshop image channel masking, alpha layer masking services according to the demand of clients.

Why GTL Graphics?

According to the client’s demand and total condition of images, our specialist Graphic designers use the correct and accurate masking service to bring out the best output. We deliver the best quality among the bests to earn clients satisfaction.

Our specialty:
1. GTL Graphics offers image masking service starting from $1.99
2. 24/7 service by 3 shifts working system.
3. Experts and mastermind graphic designers.
4. Professional and qualified quality controller.
5. Unlimited correction to attain clients satisfaction.
6. Affordable and minimum price.
We would like to inform you that, we deliver 100% quality based image masking services by hand.

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